All Electric Boxster and Cayman Future

Porsche announced that it is pairing with engineering students at Stuttgart University. These are students that qualify as the Green Team Program Porsche has commissioned to assist engineers in building an electric race car. The initial racing program will be among students from various colleges and universities under the designation; Formula Student Electric. This program provides great resources of opportunity for the students and fresh ideas of innovation for Porsche along with other companies. The students get the hands-on experience to apply what they are learning and Porsche gets to see all the latest development as it happens. This is...

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20 Years of the Porsche Boxster

In relation to its name the modern marvel we know as the Porsche Boxster is a mix-mush verbalization that incorporates boxer to pay homage to its engine design (horizontally placed flat engine) and the term roadster, a tribute to the convertible roof that are standard on all of them. Beginning as a dream, the car bore some incredible artistic fancy. There wasn’t any engineering applique’  existing to support the realistic production of this model. Necessity rears up and decision is brought into action. The early 1990’s was a time of economic upheaval around the world. Porsche was feeling the crunch with...

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Second Generation Porsche Boxster

 As we explained in our last article, the Porsche Boxster revived Porsche in the mid-90s with its entry level sports car. As the years went on, it only got better and more improved. The second generation stepped up it's game from being quicker to more efficient with less problems like the Boxster IMS failure.  2004: The first generation Porsche Boxster started in 1996 with production in the U.S starting in 1997. Porsche starts off the second generation of the Boxster in 2004. The initial model for the next version was introduced at a motor show in Paris France. The actual...

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